ServiceNow, Nvidia, and Accenture Unite to Propel AI Adoption in Businesses

JJohn July 27, 2023 2:01 AM

ServiceNow, in collaboration with Nvidia and Accenture, has unveiled AI Lighthouse, a software and consulting service designed to promote rapid enterprise AI adoption. The service allows customers to securely implement new generative AI tools to keep up with the surge of new products, services, and investments in the field.

Launching AI Lighthouse: Fast-tracked AI adoption

AI Lighthouse is a collaborative initiative by ServiceNow, Nvidia, and Accenture aiming to ease the adoption of AI in enterprises. This service was conceived to help businesses keep pace with the rapid evolution in AI tools, products, and services by providing an accessible platform for the swift and secure implementation of new generative AI technologies. The lighthouse symbolizes the guidance that this service aims to provide to businesses navigating the vast and often confusing seas of AI.

The AI Lighthouse program is underpinned by the combined strengths of its three partners. ServiceNow contributes its enterprise automation platform and engine, Nvidia brings their AI supercomputing and software prowess to the table, and Accenture offers its consulting and deployment services. This collaboration is designed to empower customers in building and deploying custom gen AI large language models (LLMs) and applications that will advance their business objectives.

The AI Lighthouse program is positioned as a solution for customer companies wanting to swiftly adopt generative AI applications. The program eliminates the need for a protracted assessment and procurement process, with the partners taking up the responsibility of ensuring smooth implementation. This approach will enable businesses to see meaningful results promptly, thereby accelerating their AI journey.

Toolset: Diverse offerings from each partner

The AI Lighthouse program is enriched by the diverse AI tools offered by each partner. ServiceNow provides AI tools, including natural language processing (NLP) services and sentiment analysis tools. Nvidia contributes its DGX AI supercomputers, cloud platforms, and NeMo software, providing AI Lighthouse users comprehensive computing for model training and tuning. Accenture offers design and engineering services and a $3 billion investment towards AI.

Benefits: Reduction of manual work and self-service promotion

The AI Lighthouse program is designed to benefit enterprise customers in numerous ways. It aims to reduce manual work by providing customer service professionals with actionable insights and overviews. The program also seeks to promote self-service by empowering internal employees and external customers with engaging experiences and natural human language interactions. Other benefits include automatic content generation and increased developer productivity.

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