Spanish Agency Turns to AI to Create Profitable, Hassle-Free Influencer

JJohn November 23, 2023 6:46 PM

Upset with the unpredictability and high cost of real-life models and influencers, Spanish agency The Clueless turned to artificial intelligence to create their own. Their AI influencer, Aitana, has proven to be a highly profitable venture, raking in thousands of dollars a month.

Aitana: The first Spanish AI influencer

When dealing with real-life models and influencers became too much of a hassle, the Spanish agency The Clueless decided to take a different approach. They created Aitana, a 25-year-old AI model who is regarded as the first Spanish AI influencer. With her, the agency has found a way to stay in the industry without the unpredictability and high costs associated with human models and influencers.

Aitana's social media success

Aitana is not just an AI creation; she's also a social media sensation. With a following of 122,000 on Instagram, she's a popular figure in the digital space. But it's not just about popularity; it's also about profitability. Aitana brings in an average of $3,300 a month for the company, proving that their unique approach to influencer marketing pays off.

It's not just Aitana's digital existence that has intrigued followers; her creators have also crafted a believable 'life' for her. She posts updates about her 'day', including real-life breakfast images, creating an illusion that she's not just an AI creation but a living, breathing influencer. This has led to followers forming genuine connections with her, with many still expressing their love and admiration for her even after finding out she's an AI.

The future of AI influencers

The success of Aitana doesn't signal the end of human models and influencers for The Clueless. While they've found a profitable and convenient alternative in AI, they don't see it taking over the industry entirely. However, they are open to expanding Aitana's capabilities. They've even considered the possibility of followers interacting with Aitana through virtual reality glasses for a more personalized experience.

Aitana may be the first of her kind in Spain, but she's not unique in the world of AI. Other AI models, influencers, and even 'girlfriends' are gaining traction. For instance, Lu do Magalu, a Brazilian model created from 3D AI art, has a staggering 6.6 million followers on social media. Similarly, Caryn Marjorie, an influencer, created an AI version of herself that served as a virtual girlfriend to 1,000 men, marking the increasing popularity of these AI personalities.

Ethical implications of AI models

While AI models offer unique opportunities, they also come with their own set of challenges. They've sparked debates around ethics, labor, and humanity's ability to control this nascent technology. For instance, Caryn Marjorie's AI 'girlfriend' had to be taken down after it started engaging in sexually explicit conversations with customers. These incidents underline the necessary precautions and regulations needed when dealing with AI models and influencers.

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