Surge in Demand for Freelance AI Experts Reshapes Tech Job Market

NNicholas September 10, 2023 5:12 PM

Driven by the rise of generative AI, there's a significant increase in demand for freelance artificial intelligence (AI) experts, reshaping the tech job market. Platforms like LinkedIn, Upwork, and Fiverr are witnessing a surge in AI-related job posts and searches. The expertise required has evolved from a deep understanding of machine learning algorithms to implementing chatbots and other AI software.

Rise of generative AI reshapes job market

Vlad Hu, a successful software engineer and founder of his own software agency, has seen firsthand the shift in the freelance job market. In the past, the focus was primarily on traditional software engineering. But with the rise of generative AI, there's been a significant increase in demand for specialists in this field. Hu's experience is not an isolated one. Across various freelance job platforms, including LinkedIn, Upwork, and Fiverr, there has been a noticeable surge in AI-related job posts and searches from employers and job seekers alike.

Data from Indeed, a popular job search platform, reveals an almost 250% spike in generative AI-related job posts between July 2021 and July 2023. This increase reflects the burgeoning interest in and importance of AI across multiple industries. The rise in demand for AI expertise is not just limited to full-time positions; it's a trend that is very much evident in the freelance job market as well.

AI adoption set to increase productivity

According to a recent survey conducted by LinkedIn, about 44% of U.S. executives plan to expand their use of AI technologies within the next year, while 47% believe that AI will boost productivity. This underscores the growing perception of AI as a key driver of efficiency and productivity in the corporate world. The emphasis on AI is not just limited to tech companies; businesses across various sectors are increasingly keen to integrate AI into their operations.

Freelancers fill the AI expertise gap

The shortage of AI expertise in various sectors of the economy presents an opportunity for freelancers who have knowledge and skills in this area. Whether it's in the technology, information, and media sector, or in retail and financial services, the demand for AI expertise is high. This is particularly true in industries where the current base of employees proficient in AI is low, making it a fertile ground for freelance AI experts to make their mark.

Online learning platforms like Udacity have also witnessed a growing interest in AI-based courses. In the past year alone, there has been a 33% increase in interest for courses such as deep learning, AI programming with Python, AI for trading, and machine learning DevOps engineer. This highlights the growing recognition of the value of AI skills, not just among those in the tech industry, but among professionals across various sectors looking to stay competitive in the evolving job market.

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