The AI Race: Impact on Hollywood Jobs and the Entertainment Industry

NNicholas August 21, 2023 6:08 PM

Hollywood and tech companies are continuously investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to revolutionize the entertainment industry. From AI-produced scripts to machine learning algorithms for content recommendations, the industry is undergoing a major shift that could redefine job roles and the creative process altogether.

AI's potential threats to Hollywood careers

Hollywood guilds, including the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA), have voiced their concerns about how AI could affect their careers. The WGA warns that AI's capability to generate scripts could lead to studios cutting costs by replacing human writers, while SAG-AFTRA is worried about the use of digital likenesses of actors. These concerns reveal the growing tension in the industry as it grapples with the rapid advancement of AI technologies.

The rise of AI jobs in entertainment companies

Despite the potential threats, entertainment companies and tech conglomerates are actively hiring for AI-related positions. Whether it's Netflix seeking an AI product manager or Disney listing roles for machine learning, there's a clear industry-wide push to build up machine learning capabilities. This indicates an ongoing race among companies to stay ahead in the game and make the most of AI's potential benefits.

Although much of the discussion around AI in entertainment has focused on script generation and digital likenesses, the application of AI in the industry extends well beyond these areas. Companies are utilizing machine learning for recommendation algorithms, advertising, and even dubbing foreign languages. This wide-ranging application of AI underlines its potential to transform many aspects of the entertainment business.

Despite the evident AI hiring boom, many companies are still in the process of figuring out their AI strategies. The industry is driven by a 'fear of missing out', leading to vague AI leadership roles in an effort to stay ahead of the curve. This reflects the current state of the industry, where everyone is trying to understand and leverage AI's capabilities, even if they are not sure about the specifics.

AI: A key to avoiding obsolescence

The ongoing investment in AI by entertainment companies signifies a crucial shift in the industry's mindset. Many industry players, such as Disney, see AI as a crucial part of their future, believing that embracing AI is important to stay relevant in the fast-evolving entertainment landscape. This highlights the growing acknowledgment of AI as a key driver of the industry's future.

AI's present and future impact on content

AI is already playing a significant role in shaping entertainment content. It is used in visual effects, dubbing for foreign language shows, and even in creating digital likenesses of actors. The prospect of AI-generated movies without any human involvement may still be a few years away, but the potential is there. This highlights the broad scope of AI's influence on the entertainment we consume and the industry's future.

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