The Ambitious AI Venture Aiming to Decipher Your Dreams

JJohn October 8, 2023 4:38 AM

Neurotech startup, Prophetic AI, is harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and neuroscience to delve into the realm of dreams. The company is developing a neural device to induce lucid dreams, aiming to unlock insights about our inner selves and consciousness.

Inducing lucid dreams with AI

Prophetic AI, a neurotech startup, is charting a path into the subconscious by developing a non-invasive neural device. This device aims to induce and stabilize lucid dreams - a surreal state where dreamers are conscious that they are within a dream. The company's audacious goal is to enable individuals to gain access to and mine insights from their own dreams.

As its name suggests, Prophetic AI envisions turning every individual into a 'prophet'. The company's mission is inspired by the Axial Age, a period marked by extensive shifts in religious, philosophical, and metaphysical thought. It's an ambitious undertaking, tapping into the profound wisdom and knowledge that manifests in dreams, often interpreted as 'prophetic'.

Introducing the Halo

At the heart of Prophetic AI's work is the Halo - a crown-shaped device designed to be worn on the head. The Halo uses ultrasound technology, offering more precision in targeting brain regions than traditional electrode methods. It's a bold embrace of technology's potential, aiming to reliably stimulate lucid dreaming.

Anticipated launch of the Halo

After extensive testing with the Netherlands-based Donders Institute and the UK-based research center TTP Group, Prophetic AI anticipates a late 2025 release for the Halo headsets. Potential customers can reserve Halos for $100 on the Prophetic AI website, the amount being credited towards the final price of the device.

Translating dreams with generative AI

In order to decode the complex and often obscure language of dreams, Prophetic AI uses generative AI. This form of AI acts as a scribe, translating the dream data into a comprehensible format. It's a pioneering approach to understanding our subconscious mind and its rich tapestry of dreams.

Addressing cybersecurity in AI

As with any technology venture, data privacy and cybersecurity are major concerns. AI developers, including Prophetic AI, are under increased scrutiny regarding how the data used to train their AI models are used and stored. Prophetic AI is committed to ensuring user data security and hopes to alleviate any associated fears.

Even though continuous lucid dreaming can potentially disrupt sleep patterns and affect mental health, Prophetic AI is steadfast in its mission. The company believes that lucid dreaming can contribute significantly to consciousness research and can provide personal insight, aid in nightmare resolution, and enhance creative problem-solving.

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