The Dark Side of Celebrity AI Chatbots: Meta's High-Stakes Gamble

NNicholas September 30, 2023 6:32 PM

Meta's new project introduces chatbots bearing celebrity likenesses and unique 'personalities', targeted primarily at younger users. While the tech giant markets this as a fun innovation, critics warn it could be a step towards creating dangerously deceptive AI that could blur the boundary between humans and machines.

Meta's celebrity-inspired chatbots

Meta is pushing the boundaries of AI chatbot technology, introducing 28 unique chatbots which it claims have distinct personalities. They've even partnered with celebrities like Paris Hilton and Naomi Osaka, giving each chatbot a familiar face. But it's not just about looks - Meta plans to give these chatbots a voice by next year. While the company sees this as a fun and innovative project, critics are warning about the potential dangers this could pose.

Danger of 'counterfeit people'

The introduction of these chatbots has sparked controversy, with critics arguing it could be the start of creating 'counterfeit people' - AI that mimic humans so closely, they could be dangerous. Some, like American philosopher Daniel C. Dennett, are even suggesting that these developments could be the most dangerous artifacts in human history. The concern is that these AI, which are designed to be just like us, could blur the lines between machines and humans in a dangerous and deceptive way.

While the idea of AI with personalities is fascinating, it's worth noting that it's currently impossible to fully realize. At best, these chatbots can mimic certain traits or behaviors. Moreover, there's a risk of chatbots developing inappropriate attitudes. For instance, a chatbot tested by Meta reportedly expressed misogynistic opinions, demonstrating the potential pitfalls of this venture.

Behind Meta's fun and innovative project, there's a clear profit motive. The more these chatbots can mimic human interaction, the more comfortable users will feel engaging with them. This could mean users are willing to pay to chat with their favorite celebrity, leading to longer engagement times and, potentially, a boost in ad revenue for Meta.

Blurring lines between tools and beings

The rise of these advanced AI chatbots has blurred the line between tools and living beings, creating a new type of entity. This could lead to users placing an undue level of trust in what they say, creating potential for misinformation. As we learn how to interact with these new entities, it's critical to understand their limitations and not treat them the same as human beings.

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