The Future of Search: Google's Generative AI and What's in Store for 2024

NNicholas December 23, 2023 7:01 AM

The Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) continues beyond its expected end in 2023 and is set to redefine search in 2024. With Google prioritizing generative AI in search, we delve into the shifts in consumer behaviour, the impact on advertisers, and the continual evolution of search functionality.

Google SGE's future beyond 2023

Originally, the Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) experiment was slated to end in December 2023. However, with the latest redesign of the Google Labs website, the experiment's end date seems to have vanished. This change has led to speculation and anticipation among both tech aficionados and ordinary search users over what this development implies for the future of Google SGE and generative AI in search.

A recent survey involving 2,205 adults in the United States uncovered an interesting insight - the AI-powered product that people are most interested in is search. This interest extends beyond just AI-powered smart assistants, shopping recommendations, and ads, clearly indicating a strong consumer desire for AI enhancements in the domain of online search.

Trust in AI-powered search is also on the rise, with over a quarter of surveyed US adults expressing confidence in unbiased search results, recommended brands, and ad relevancy produced by AI algorithms. This trust factor is a key component in the successful adoption of AI-powered search, as it directly affects user engagement and usage.

Willingness to adopt AI-powered search

The appetite for AI-powered search is not limited to any particular age group. In fact, 29% of adults have stated their willingness to switch to AI-powered search. This percentage climbs to 40 among millennials who are ready to embrace an experience similar to Google SGE. These figures reinforce the potential and growing acceptance of AI in the realm of search experiences.

Google's commitment to generative AI in search

Google's commitment to enhancing search using generative AI is unwavering, as expressed by its CEO Sundar Pichai during the Q2 earnings call. With the launch of the Search Generative Experience (SGE), Google has begun utilizing generative AI to make search more natural and intuitive, and the initial user feedback has been hugely positive. The goal is to better answer queries and unlock new types of questions that Search can answer.

Enhancing speed and ad relevance in AI-powered search

Google's focus on improving the efficiency and speed of AI responses in search is evident in their efforts to reduce AI snapshot generation times. Additionally, ads remain a critical component in the new Search experience. As many of the new queries are inherently commercial, Google is leveraging its extensive experience in serving relevant ads to enhance user experience with SGE, while also testing and evolving ad placements and formats.

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