The Graph's Upcoming AI-Assisted Blockchain Querying: A New Web3 Era

NNicholas November 7, 2023 11:01 PM

The Graph, popularly known as 'Google of Web3,' is planning a significant upgrade involving AI-assisted querying using large language models. This development is part of a series of enhancements announced recently, which also features speedier blockchain data indexing and improved access to Ethereum's archive data.

Artificial Intelligence meets blockchain querying

In a significant step towards enhancing its user experience, The Graph is planning to introduce AI-assisted querying capabilities. This advanced feature, powered by large language models, would be an integral part of The Graph's recently announced suite of updates. By leveraging artificial intelligence, the platform seeks to streamline and make more efficient the process of querying blockchain data, ultimately enhancing its utility for developers.

Firehose and Substreams: Revolutionizing data indexing

As part of its major upgrade, The Graph is also planning to introduce new technologies, namely Firehose and Substreams. Firehose aims to facilitate faster indexing of blockchain data, which is crucial for maintaining up-to-date records and ensuring seamless operations on the platform. Substreams, on the other hand, would enable developers to write Rust modules and compose data streams while simultaneously offering high-performance indexing. This is achieved through parallelization, promised by the streaming-first approach of Substreams.

The Graph's roadmap also outlines a solution for accessing Ethereum's archive data. This would become possible when EIP-4444, an Ethereum improvement proposal, goes live. By providing developers easy access to Ethereum's archive data, The Graph would allow them to utilize this key information for their applications, thereby offering an enhanced utility.

Direct data access: No need for intermediaries

One of the key features of The Graph, which has earned it the moniker 'Google of Web3,' is its ability to feed blockchain data directly to developers without the need for centralized intermediaries. This is achieved through The Graph's network of 'delegators' and 'indexers,' which ensures the data's accuracy. As such, developers can access reliable data while maintaining the ethos of decentralization intrinsic to the blockchain and Web3 technologies.

In June, The Graph accomplished a major milestone by completing the final phase of its migration from Ethereum to Arbitrum, a 'layer 2' scaling solution. This strategic move not only enhances The Graph's scalability but also its performance and security. With this transition, The Graph has further solidified its position as a vital tool for developers in the ever-evolving Web3 ecosystem.

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