The New School Year: Confronting Climate Change, AI, and Affordability

JJohn September 5, 2023 12:02 PM

As students return to school, they face a challenging year ahead, grappling with issues such as Artificial Intelligence, climate change, and affordability, in addition to regular coursework.

Back to school in the post-pandemic era

After a disruptive period due to the pandemic, students all over the country are gearing up to return to school. The transition back to the traditional classroom after months of virtual or hybrid learning is evoking a range of emotions in students, from excitement to anxiety. However, amid the nerves and anticipation, students are prepared to embark on a new academic journey.

Although the disruptive pandemic measures are seemingly behind us, a new set of challenges is poised to affect classroom learning this year. Among these are the incorporation and understanding of AI technology in the curriculum, concerns about the affordability of educational materials and resources, and the increasing impact of climate change on school communities. These are all issues that students, parents, and educators will need to navigate this academic year.

Wildfires disrupting the school year

While for many it's just another start to the school year, students in parts of Canada ravaged by wildfires face a vastly different reality. In places like Yellowknife, the start of the school year has been delayed due to evacuation orders. Even with no direct damage to the schools in areas like British Columbia, the proximity of fires and their destructive aftermath can have a substantial impact on students' mental and emotional well-being and, ultimately, their learning.

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