The Power Shift: How Generative AI is Changing PR Strategies for Startups

JJohn August 6, 2023 2:56 AM

In the rapidly evolving media landscape, generative AI is poised to revolutionize startup PR strategies. While the advent of AI has raised concerns about impersonal, AI-generated content saturating the internet, it also presents an opportunity for PR to become more responsive, human, and relevant. The key lies in distinguishing human-written thought leadership from AI-generated content, and making the most of what sets humans apart – a strong voice, real-life narratives, and the ability to provide timely insights on current and unfolding events.

The rise of AI in PR strategies

The introduction of generative artificial intelligence is creating a seismic shift in public relations strategies for startups. Major news companies like the Associated Press are starting to collaborate with AI companies like OpenAI, signaling the growing influence of AI in the media landscape. With AI increasingly used to produce content, some startups are utilizing this technology for their PR campaigns. However, as AI-generated content increases, startups will need to differentiate their content to avoid getting lost in a sea of AI-created noise.

With AI technology like ChatGPT capable of producing listicles and other content, there's a concern that the internet could become overrun with impersonal, AI-generated content. If every founder uses AI to generate content, human-written narratives could lose their uniqueness and value. The challenge for startups, therefore, lies in maintaining the human touch in their content, creating stories that resonate with people on a personal level and that stand out amidst the AI-generated clutter.

The need for distinctive human-written content

There's a silver lining to the influx of AI-generated content. It's pushing PR to evolve and strive for originality. As AI starts to take on mundane content production, PR teams and agencies need to elevate their output to stand out. This means producing content that's alive, shaped by the world, and helps people make sense of it. Thought leadership that's rich in human perspectives and responsive to current events will be more valuable and appealing than generic AI-generated content.

Capitalizing on AI's limitations

While AI can generate content based on past datasets, it lacks the ability to follow and respond to today's news or yet-unpublished events. This limitation presents an opportunity for startups to excel where AI falls short. By embedding themselves in current and future events, founders can provide timely, relevant commentary on unfolding events, trends, and controversies. This strategy not only differentiates their PR approach from AI but also makes them more interesting and valuable to journalists and readers.

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