Thomson Reuters Unveils AI-Powered Tools for Legal Research

NNicholas November 16, 2023 7:02 AM

Thomson Reuters has revealed new AI-powered initiatives aimed at streamlining complex legal research. The AI-Assisted Research on Westlaw Precision tool processes complex legal questions in natural language and delivers synthesized responses using the vast Westlaw database.

Thomson Reuters Adds GenAI to Legal Research Platform

In a major step forward for legal research, Thomson Reuters has implemented new AI initiatives. This includes the integration of GenAI into their legal research platform, known as AI-Assisted Research on Westlaw Precision. This innovative tool allows users to input complex legal research questions in natural language and get back developed, accurate answers. These responses are generated from Thomson Reuters' widely-used Westlaw database, which contains 150 years worth of legal analysis and content.

The AI-Assisted Research on Westlaw Precision gives lawyers a welcome break. This advanced tool enables them to quickly and efficiently find answers to even the most complex legal questions. In the past, such research could take up hours, with lawyers having to trawl through countless documents, cases, and statutes. However, with this AI tool, finding answers now just takes minutes. This gives legal professionals extra time to focus on more high-value, strategic initiatives.

The AI-Assisted Research on Westlaw Precision uses a unique method known as retrieval augmented generation (RAG) to prevent the system from 'hallucinating', which refers to the AI creating non-existent case names or citations. This approach ensures that the AI's large language models stay focused solely on the language used within the content in the Westlaw archive. When queried, the AI sifts through the Westlaw content, uncovers the most relevant answers, creates a synthesized response, and cites the materials used, instilling confidence in the data.

Upgrades Coming for CoCounsel, a GenAI Assistant

Thomson Reuters is also working on enhancements to CoCounsel, a GenAI assistant that's already been launched and is accessible to customers. Over the next year, CoCounsel will see a slew of new skill sets being added, as it is further integrated into the company's content and products. Between AI-Assisted Research and CoCounsel, lawyers and legal professionals not only benefit from AI-powered legal research but can also utilize it to draft, review, and summarize legal documents, monitor contract compliance, and extract relevant data from contracts for thorough examination.

Thomson Reuters' Generative AI Platform Powers New Tools

The recently launched AI tools, and those planned for future release, are all built using the Thomson Reuters Generative AI platform. This platform, according to company representatives, facilitates quick expansion of AI product offerings by building upon reusable components. The Generative AI platform is a cloud-native technology platform that adopts an API-first development approach and incorporates Thomson Reuters' UX and Design systems. By leveraging reusable building blocks, this platform allows Thomson Reuters to swiftly and easily launch new generative AI skills, all while ensuring safety, privacy compliance, and reliability.

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