Top 5 AI-Powered Tools Revolutionizing Education

NNicholas September 8, 2023 11:32 AM

The realm of education has been transformed by the advent of generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools. These tools, when used correctly, have the potential to significantly enhance student learning and productivity. This article highlights five AI tools that have revolutionized the way students study and complete their schoolwork.

The transformative potential of generative AI

Contrary to the common misconception that generative AI promotes cheating, these tools can in fact significantly enhance the learning process when used correctly. They have the potential to streamline student work processes and boost productivity. By automating certain tasks, these AI tools can allow students to focus on acquiring a deeper understanding of their study material.

Bing Chat: A student's versatile assistant

Bing Chat emerges as a superior AI tool with its diverse use cases that can significantly improve a student's workflow. As an AI chatbot powered by OpenAI's GPT-4, Bing Chat stands out due to its ability to provide free access to the most advanced large language model. The tool is connected to the internet, allowing students to access a wealth of information. Moreover, it provides source citations for fact-checking, making it a reliable tool for research.

Quizlet: Powering study with AI

Quizlet, a platform that has been assisting students in their studies for years, has tapped into the potential of AI to enhance its features. With AI integrations, Quizlet offers unique study features and testing options. It also launched Q-Chat, an AI-enabled tutor that provides a simulated conversation for teaching or testing. With its various AI-powered features, Quizlet remains a powerful tool for learning and studying classroom material.

ChatPDF: Your AI-powered reading assistant

ChatPDF revolutionizes the way students interact with PDF documents, particularly lengthy and dense academic papers. By simply uploading their PDF, students can ask ChatPDF any question about the document, whether for a summary or for a specific term. This AI tool then provides the answers along with the reference points in the text, making it an invaluable tool for understanding complex topics or completing assignments.

Duolingo, with its gamified approach to language-learning, offers a fun and engaging alternative to traditional language courses. The app breaks down language lessons into bite-sized, quest-like tasks, creating a motivational incentive for learners. This can be an excellent supplement to school language courses, bridging the gaps often left by under-resourced and poorly taught foreign language classes in schools.

Socratic by Google offers a secure and engaging AI tool for younger learners. The app allows students to ask questions about their school content or upload their worksheets, generating a conversational response with unique graphics and related video links. The app focuses on providing step-by-step explanations, fostering a deeper understanding of the material. It also blocks inappropriate questions, ensuring a safe learning environment.

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