TrailGuard AI: Revolutionary Technology Aims to Curb Tiger-Human Conflict

JJohn September 18, 2023 1:22 PM

A new AI-powered camera alert system designed to promote human-tiger coexistence has been launched in India by TrailGuard AI. The sophisticated tech can detect a prowling tiger, snap its photo, and send the image to an assigned cell phone in just 30 seconds, all day, every day.

Promoting coexistence with AI technology

The AI-based camera alert system, a pioneering innovation by TrailGuard AI, has been developed and successfully launched in India. The system is strategically designed to foster a harmonious coexistence between tigers and the human population. With its ability to detect prowling tigers and instantly send images to a designated cell phone within 30 seconds, the technology is a significant step in bridging the gap between humans and wildlife.

One of the most impressive features of the TrailGuard AI system is its capability to transmit over 2,500 images on just a single battery charge. This efficient energy consumption not only makes the technology highly practical for conservation efforts, but it also ensures that the system can operate continuously without the need for frequent battery replacements or recharge.

Multi-species detection

Originally designed to detect poachers, the TrailGuard AI system has evolved to identify an array of animal species. Thanks to an added AI algorithm, the system can now detect eight output classes, including felids, canids, elephants, rhinos, sloth bears, wild pigs, humans, and a catch-all class of other mammals and large birds. This multi-species detection feature broadens the scope of the technology, making it an essential tool for comprehensive wildlife conservation.

24x7 conflict hotspot coverage

Unlike traditional manpower-intensive surveillance, the TrailGuard AI technology provides continuous 24x7 coverage over multiple conflict hotspots. By doing so, it significantly alleviates the staffing limitations often faced by forest management, thus enabling a more effective and efficient response to potential conflicts between humans and wildlife.

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