Unraveling the Latest in AI: This Week's Top Stories

NNicholas September 11, 2023 6:31 AM

Stay tuned as we decode the week's top artificial intelligence stories. Explore Elon Musk's AI grand strategy, understand why ChatGPT is failing, delve into AI-generated music, and learn about AI's role in detecting tax evasion and political advertising.

Musk's grand AI-centric strategy

Elon Musk, the 'Supreme Chaos Lord of Silicon Valley', has been stirring the pot with his latest undertaking. The tech maverick has set his sights on consolidating his myriad businesses into a single, AI-driven entity. While this might sound like a sci-fi novel plot, it's Musk's real-world strategy for a new AI era.

Time magazine, known for its penchant for lists, recently compiled a list of the top 100 influencers in the AI sector. This comprehensive list features a wide array of tech CEOs and even includes the artist Grimes. It's a fascinating glimpse into the minds propelling AI forward.

ChatGPT's declining user rates

ChatGPT, once a popular AI chatbot, is losing its users at an alarming rate. Despite being touted as an AI marvel, ChatGPT seems to be faltering in maintaining its user base. The reasons behind this dip and its future implications are certainly worth dissecting.

In an interesting twist, an AI-generated song featuring artists Drake and The Weeknd has been deemed ineligible for Grammy consideration. This raises interesting questions about the intersection of AI and music, and what this means for the future of awards and recognitions.

AI's role in detecting tax evasion

Here's some news to make you cheer: the IRS is now using AI to crack down on wealthy tax evaders. This practical application of AI aims to ensure everyone pays their fair share, making it a promising tool for enforcing tax compliance.

Google's new AI disclosure policy

Google has taken a commendable step in the realm of political advertising. The tech giant will now require that any political content hosted on its platforms disclose whether AI was used in its creation. An important move towards transparency, this decision could have a significant impact on future political campaigns.

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