US Space Force Puts a Hold on AI Tools Over Data Security Fears

NNicholas October 11, 2023 11:07 PM

The US Space Force has temporarily halted the use of web-based generative artificial intelligence tools, such as ChatGPT, amid data security concerns. The decision was communicated in a memo, which also indicated that the restrictions would remain in place until a formal approval is granted by the force's Chief Technology and Innovation Office.

Space Force suspends AI tools over security risks

The US Space Force, in a recent memo accessed by Reuters, has announced a temporary suspension on the use of AI tools like ChatGPT due to data security risks. The memo was dated September 29 and addressed to Guardians, as the Space Force personnel are called. The hold will remain in effect until such tools get a formal nod from the force's Chief Technology and Innovation Office. The pause has been attributed to 'data aggregation risks'.

Data aggregation risks prompt AI tool suspension

The memo indicated that the temporary ban was implemented due to data aggregation risks. This suggests that the use of such AI tools may potentially lead to unauthorized access or compromise of sensitive information. The decision underscores the Space Force's commitment to safeguarding data security despite the increasing adoption of AI technologies.

Despite the temporary halt, Lisa Costa, the Chief Technology and Innovation Officer of the Space Force, acknowledged the potential of AI technology. According to her, the use of AI tools will 'undoubtedly revolutionize our workforce and enhance Guardian's ability to operate at speed'. This statement indicates the Space Force's recognition of the transformative potential of AI, while also acknowledging the need to manage the associated risks.

Task force to ponder responsible AI use

The memo also revealed that a task force has been established to discuss responsible and strategic use of generative AI technology. The task force, comprising of Costa's office and other Pentagon offices, will deliberate on finding ways to harness the power of AI while ensuring data security. Further guidelines on the use of generative AI by the Space Force will be released in the coming month.

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