Vianai Systems Unveils Open Source Solution to Address AI Hallucinations

JJohn September 16, 2023 9:26 AM

Vianai Systems, a leader in human-centered AI, has launched the veryLLM toolkit to tackle 'AI hallucinations' - a prevalent issue with Large Language Models (LLMs) that can produce unreliable or harmful outputs. The open-source toolkit aims to provide a comprehensive solution to enhance the transparency and reliability of AI systems, paving the way for wider AI adoption in business applications.

Addressing the AI hallucination challenge

Responding to the significant hurdle of AI hallucinations in Large Language Models (LLMs), Vianai Systems, a pioneer in human-centered AI, has introduced the veryLLM toolkit. This open-source solution is designed to bolster the reliability and transparency of AI systems, thereby encouraging more businesses to adopt AI. The term 'AI hallucinations' refers to the anomalies that can result in false or offensive outputs from LLMs, and the veryLLM toolkit is a direct response to this challenge.

Unveiling the veryLLM toolkit

The veryLLM toolkit helps users gain a more profound understanding of each sentence generated by LLMs. It achieves this by categorizing statements using the various context pools that LLMs are trained on, such as Wikipedia, Common Crawl, and Books3. It's worth noting that the first release of veryLLM heavily relies on a selection of Wikipedia articles - a method that grounds the toolkit's verification procedure.

Adaptability of the veryLLM toolkit

The veryLLM toolkit is engineered to be versatile, modular, and compatible with all LLMs. This design makes it applicable to any application that utilizes LLMs, thereby enhancing transparency in AI-generated responses and supporting both existing and future language models. The toolkit's adaptability allows for wide-ranging use, from developers and data scientists to LLM providers.

hila™ Enterprise, another innovative offering from Vianai, is designed to ensure accurate and transparent deployment of substantial language enterprise solutions across various sectors, including finance, contracts, and legal. This platform incorporates the veryLLM code along with other advanced AI techniques to minimize AI-associated risks, thereby enabling businesses to fully capitalize on the transformative potential of reliable AI systems.

Vianai Systems is recognized as an innovator in the field of Human-Centered AI. The company has attracted a clientele that includes some of the world's most respected businesses, thanks to their unparalleled expertise in developing enterprise platforms and innovative applications. The firm's success is also attributed to the support of some of the most visionary investors globally.

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