VMware and Nvidia Join Forces to Foster In-house AI Development

JJohn August 22, 2023 7:22 PM

Tech giants VMware and Nvidia have partnered to create new software tools tailored for businesses seeking to develop artificial intelligence (AI) within their private data centers. The initiative aims to support AI systems capable of humanoid text read-write tasks rather than relying on cloud-based systems.

VMware and Nvidia's in-house AI initiative

VMware, a company renowned for offering corporations robust software to manage their private data centers, has joined forces with Nvidia, the leading player in the AI market. Their collaboration seeks to provide businesses with state-of-the-art tools that will enable them to develop AI capabilities in-house. The move is seen as a strategic alternative to relying on cloud-based systems for AI functionality, offering businesses more autonomy and control over their data and AI developments.

Nvidia chips at the core of the software tools

The new software tools are specifically designed to manage Nvidia chips, which are currently leading the AI systems market. The Nvidia chips are renowned for their ability to enable AI systems to read and write text in ways that closely resemble human interaction. This opens up a plethora of opportunities for businesses to streamline operations and enhance productivity in various areas, from email and chat parsing to automatic report generation.

Sensitive data prompts in-house AI preference

While cloud-based AI systems are gaining momentum, there is a subset of VMware customers who prefer keeping their AI operations in-house, particularly when dealing with sensitive data. CEO Raghu Raghuram points out use cases such as legal contract generation and software code development that benefit from an in-house approach, given the secrecy and control required in these areas. This trend underscores the importance of providing flexible, secure AI solutions that cater to an array of business needs.

The highly anticipated software tools will be launched next year, according to VMware. In terms of pricing, the cost will be pegged to the number of Nvidia chips that the customer uses to run the software. This flexible pricing strategy ensures that businesses only pay for what they use, providing an economically viable option for businesses of all sizes eager to harness the power of AI.

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