Voicemod's New Feature: Custom AI Voices at Your Fingertips

JJohn November 30, 2023 1:16 PM

Voicemod has launched new features that allow users to create and share their own personalized AI voices. Using AI Voice Changer, individuals can design unique synthetic voices and further adjust them with Voicelab, before sharing their creations on Community Voices.

Creating unique voices with Voicemod

Known for being a favorite among the gaming and streaming community, Voicemod has now expanded its usefulness by enabling users to create and share unique synthetic voices. No longer do users have to choose from pre-existing options; they can now design AI voices that are truly their own - an innovation that adds a personal touch to their gaming or streaming experience.

Tailoring synthetic voices with AI Voice Creator

The AI Voice Creator, one of Voicemod's latest features, empowers users to create a synthetic voice that aligns with their preferences. They can select from a wide range of options including different genders, ages, and tones. This feature ensures that each voice created is as distinct and individualized as its creator.

Fine-tuning voices with Voicelab

Voicelab is a powerful tool introduced by Voicemod that allows users to fine-tune their synthetic voices. They can adjust the pitch, volume, and frequency to suit their needs. Additionally, they can add audio effects for a more dynamic and engaging sonic experience. Voicemod believes that this functionality could lead to an 'unlimited' number of unique voice creations.

Community Voices, another feature on Voicemod's platform, provides a space for users to share their DIY voices. It also offers access to a diverse collection of voices created by other users. This serves as an exciting platform to explore new sounds and also to share one's own sonic creations.

Since voices cannot be copyrighted, Voicemod and similar AI voice cloning tools face very few legal challenges. This keeps the door wide open for the creation and distribution of an endless array of synthetic voices, including those that mimic famous personalities. However, Voicemod's emphasis is on creating entirely new voices, reducing any legal concerns even further.

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