Weekly Roundup: Top Artificial Intelligence News You Might Have Missed

NNicholas October 1, 2023 10:42 PM

In a world where AI is rapidly evolving, it's easy to miss the weekly updates. From OpenAI's chatbot enhancements to Uber Eats' controversial privacy concerns, here's a summary of the top AI news of the week that you need to know.

OpenAI Enhances ChatGPT with Human-like Features

OpenAI, the tech giant at the forefront of artificial intelligence, unveiled a series of updates to its chatbot, ChatGPT. In an effort to maintain its relevance in the AI landscape, the chatbot has been enhanced with 'eyes, ears, and a voice'. This integration aims to give the platform a more human-like interaction ability, marking a significant advancement in AI conversation tools.

Joining the AI race, Meta, formerly known as Facebook, demonstrated several new AI-integrated features at its annual Connect event. CEO Mark Zuckerberg showcased a range of AI-driven updates aimed to integrate artificial intelligence into every facet of the company's product base. The details of these features, however, remain under wraps.

Amazon Uses Alexa Conversations for AI Training

Amazon caught the spotlight this week when it confirmed suspicions that it's been using our Alexa conversations to improve its AI software. This revelation underscores the tech giant's push to refine its algorithms and enhance its AI capabilities. However, it also raises concerns about user privacy and data security.

Getty Images, previously vocal about AI companies using its vast image archive, surprised the tech world by launching its own AI image generator. With the 'if you can’t beat them, join them' mentality, Getty's move signifies a shift in strategy, as it steps into the AI fray with its unique tool for generating images.

Hollywood Writers Triumph Over AI Replacement

In a notable win for human creatives, the Hollywood writers' strike culminated with a victory against the replacement of writers with AI in movie and streaming studios. This outcome underlines the value and irreplaceability of human creativity and intellect, even as AI continues to make strides in various industries.

Uber Eats Robots Spark Privacy Concerns

In a controversial move, Uber Eats' meal delivery robots were found to have shared video footage with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). This development has sparked concerns about privacy, especially as automated robots are increasingly deployed on America’s streets. The use of AI in public spaces, it seems, still has a long way to go in terms of addressing privacy issues.

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