White Castle Plans to Implement AI in its Drive-Thrus by 2024

JJohn August 2, 2023 10:37 PM

Fast-food giant White Castle, in collaboration with speech recognition firm SoundHound, plans to bring AI-driven voices to over 100 drive-thrus by 2024. The move aims to streamline the order process and reduce confusion over speaker-based communication.

AI integration in White Castle drive-thrus

Fast-food chain White Castle, renowned for its sliders, has announced plans to integrate AI technology into over 100 of its drive-thrus by 2024. The step, taken in collaboration with speech recognition company SoundHound, aims to expedite the ordering process and minimize any potential disagreements or misunderstandings that might occur over speaker-based communication.

Efficient order processing with AI

The AI technology being implemented by White Castle is not just a gimmick. It's designed to interact with customers directly, understanding their orders, and processing them in just over a minute. By doing so, the fast-food chain aims to make the ordering process faster and more efficient, reducing waiting times and potentially increasing customer satisfaction.

Human backup for AI errors

While the AI technology is expected to streamline the ordering process, it's not infallible. Customers will still have the option to speak to a human employee if the AI doesn't get their orders quite right. This hybrid model ensures a safety net for customers, offering them the efficiency of advanced technology without completely removing the personal touch of human interaction.

Amid concerns over job security in an increasingly automated industry, White Castle has assured that the implementation of AI technology in its drive-thrus will not result in layoffs. The company is committed to maintaining a balance between technological advancement and job preservation, ensuring that its workers are not left in the lurch as a result of AI integration.

White Castle isn't the only fast-food chain looking to embrace AI technology. Wendy's, in collaboration with Google, also has plans to test AI-powered drive-thrus. It will be interesting to observe how this technology reshapes the fast-food sector, potentially offering quicker, more efficient service without compromising on customer satisfaction.

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