Figure Unveils AI Conversational Robot Powered by OpenAI

NNicholas March 14, 2024 7:01 AM

Figure, an AI start-up, has demonstrated its first real-time conversational humanoid robot, Figure 01, powered by OpenAI's generative AI. The robot can understand and respond to human interactions instantly and perform tasks simultaneously, marking a significant advancement in AI-powered robotics.

Figure introduces OpenAI-powered interactive robot

In a significant leap forward in robotic technology, Figure, in partnership with OpenAI, has developed a humanoid robot capable of real-time conversation. The robot, Figure 01, uses generative AI to engage with people, understanding and responding to interactions instantly. This promise of interactive conversation is a major step forward in the field of AI technology, illustrating the potential of integrating visual and language intelligence in AI-powered robots.

Demonstration of Figure 01's multitasking capabilities

Highlighting its dexterity, Figure 01 showcased its multitasking abilities in a demonstration video. The robot was tasked with identifying objects in a makeshift kitchen, which included an apple, dishes, and cups. In addition to identifying these objects, Figure 01 also demonstrated the ability to effectively multitask, collecting trash and answering questions simultaneously. This display of versatility and adaptability sets a high bar for future AI-driven robots.

Corey Lynch, Senior AI Engineer at Figure, further explained the workings of Figure 01. The robot's behavior and responses are largely dictated by a large multimodal model trained by OpenAI. This model processes images from the robot's cameras and transcribes text from speech captured by onboard microphones. It then uses this processed data to generate language responses and decide on the robot's actions. This reveals the complex inner workings of the AI system propelling Figure 01's impressive capabilities.

Figure 01's cognitive abilities and decision-making

Lynch asserts that Figure 01's capabilities extend beyond mere task completion. The robot is designed to possess an understanding of its surroundings, plan future actions, and reflect on its memory, showcasing its complex cognitive abilities. Further, it can explain its reasoning verbally, enabling a higher level of interaction with humans. Figure 01 can also apply 'common sense' to its decisions and interpret vague statements into actionable tasks, hinting at the intricacies of its AI-powered cognition.

Figure 01's debut was met with a wave of enthusiastic responses on Twitter, indicating the widespread interest and curiosity surrounding AI tech. Many expressed their admiration for the robot's capabilities, reflecting the excitement in the AI community. However, this rapid proliferation of AI tools into the mainstream is also a cause of concern for policymakers and global leaders, who are grappling with the implications of such advanced technologies and their potential impacts on society.

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