Reviving Marilyn Monroe: The Role of 'Biological AI'

NNicholas March 9, 2024 7:01 AM

AI tech firm Soul Machines is set to resurrect Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe, leveraging advanced 'Biological AI' to create an interactive video avatar of the star. This venture aims to honor and reimagine iconic figures, providing a real-time, personalized interactive experience for users.

Introducing 'Digital Marilyn'

Soul Machines, a tech company located in San Francisco, has introduced 'Digital Marilyn,' an avatar that puts a digital twist on the iconic Hollywood star, Marilyn Monroe. The avatar aims to offer users a unique, interactive, real-time experience, making the legend 'accessible' in the virtual world. The primary goal is to provide fans with an opportunity for 'conversations' with their idol.

Collaboration with Monroe's estate

Soul Machines handled the project with utmost respect, collaborating closely with Marilyn Monroe's estate to 'revive' the actress digitally. The tech firm emphasized that their objective isn't to replace entertainers but to uphold their legacies, making sure that the project is mutually beneficial and respectful towards the artists involved.

Beyond 'Digital Marilyn,' Soul Machines offers a diverse lineup of AI avatars, featuring prominent personalities from different fields. They include musician Mark Tuan, boxer Francis Ngannou, and golf legend Jack Nicklaus. This broad range illustrates the firm's commitment to using 'Biological AI' to connect fans with their favorite celebrities, regardless of their domain of expertise.

The science behind 'Biological AI'

Soul Machines' 'Biological AI' sets itself apart from traditional generative AI by focusing on cognitive modeling. This involves the explicit replication of human brain and body interactions, taking inspiration from neuroscience and cognitive science. By modeling human cognitive processes and learning development arcs, the AI can exhibit more human-like, realistic behaviors.

The use of artificial intelligence to mimic human personalities has sparked debates within the entertainment and political realms. Ethical concerns and potential misuse are among the issues fuelling these discussions. However, companies like Soul Machines advocate for AI to support rather than replace artists, aiming to deepen fan-celebrity engagement across the globe.

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