AI Wingman Joins Grindr in the Pursuit of Love

NNicholas December 15, 2023 7:02 AM

Grindr, popular LGBTQ dating app, partners with generative AI company Ex-human to add an AI 'wingman' to its platform. The move aims to enhance user experience and interaction and introduces fascinating transformations to the digital dating world.

Grindr and Ex-human unite in AI venture

Grindr, an eminent dating app within the LGBTQ community, has inked a strategic partnership with generative AI company Ex-human. Founded in 2021, Ex-human has made substantial strides in the AI field with its customizable chatbots. Unlike traditional AI models, Ex-human’s chatbots are designed for emotionally resonant, meaningful conversations, mirroring Grindr's vision to bolster the social interaction element of dating. The AI company provides a variety of virtual companions, including 3D models exhibiting emotions and reactions, further setting it apart in the AI arena.

Introducing the 'Grindr wingman'

The introduction of AI into Grindr's ecosystem aims to widen the user experience with new features, such as the 'Grindr wingman.' This unique digital assistant targets enhancing the dating process by suggesting potential meetup locations, musical choices, and even helping craft responses to messages that are personality-tailored for the user’s match. Being swift in embracing AI in dating is of competitive importance, as expressed by Grindr's CEO, George Arison.

The integration of AI inevitably raises privacy concerns, especially with the elaborate nature of the data involved in dating apps. Arison, however, emphasized that the highest degree of care would be taken in terms of user data privacy while integrating Ex-human's technology into Grindr. He reassured that the implementation guarantees personal data will remain within Grindr's secure infrastructure, addressing possible worries over data misuse.

The move towards AI-assisted dating isn't exclusive to Grindr. The broader dating app industry is experiencing a similar shift, with platforms like Tinder testing AI tools for message suggestions and profile creation. However, this tech innovation does carry risks, including the emergence of AI-powered scams and ethical concerns. An interesting study by AttractionTruth revealed that currently, 20% of heterosexual males are using AI to augment their online dating experiences, with almost 40% noticing an improvement in their interactions.

Redefining digital intimacy with AI

The union of Grindr and Ex-human in the realm of AI-assisted dating reflects AI's growing cultural relevance, reminiscent of the pivotal role social media started to play in personal relationships two decades ago. This change is likely to redefine digital intimacy and transform interactions on dating platforms. In this new era, digital 'wingmen' might either become crucial guides in navigating the complicated world of modern dating, or they might take over the mundane parts of flirting, leaving humans to manage the subsequent stages.

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