AI's Pivotal Role in Android's Journey: Google's Strategy to Dominate the Future

NNicholas November 5, 2023 5:46 PM

From a simple mobile operating system to an AI-powered giant, Android's journey has reshaped the world of technology. As Google continues to leverage AI advancements, it aims to further revolutionize the smartphone experience and retain its global dominance against rivals like Apple's iOS.

Google's game-changing open source decision

Google's strategic move to acquire Android, a small software company back in 2005, and make its operating system open source leveled the playing field in the mobile industry. Unlike the approach of sticking to a physical keyboard and small screen, Google chose to learn and adapt. The company understood that the future lay in touch-screen technology, courtesy of Apple's iPhone revelation. This led Google on a transformative journey, setting it on a collision course with Apple and reshaping the entire mobile landscape.

Android's rise to global dominance

Android's open-source nature was a beacon for many phone manufacturers, including Samsung and a sea of other brands. The fact that Google didn't charge a licensing fee, unlike Microsoft's approach, was a game-changer. It allowed Android to be baked into various hardware without any cost, fostering its rapid spread worldwide. Today, Android enjoys a user base of approximately 3.3 billion users, representing about 41% of the global population, making it the world's most popular mobile operating system.

Android's journey hasn't been just about spreading; it's also been about leading in innovation. Features like pull-down notifications, home screen widgets, computational photography, fingerprint sensors, and 5G made their debut on Android before making their way to Apple's iOS. These advancements have not only kept Android ahead in the game but have also indirectly helped boost the status of Apple by keeping healthy competition in the market.

AI: Google's secret weapon

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a key aspect of Google's strategy to keep Android at the forefront of the mobile OS market. From enhancing computational photography by filling in missing pixels to screening spam calls, AI is reshaping the user experience on Android phones. Google's massive AI investment is viewed as a critical lever in its battle with Apple, particularly in the race to dominate the future of mobile technology.

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