Boost Your Job Prospects with AI Skills, Even Outside Tech

JJohn July 20, 2023 5:21 PM

Artificial Intelligence (AI) skills are increasingly sought-after in both technical and non-technical roles. Gaining AI competencies could open up a vast array of job opportunities, and not necessarily just in tech. This article explores three ways to build AI skills and enhance employability.

AI: A Valuable Skill in Numerous Job Sectors

Even if you're not working in technology, artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot skill that can significantly broaden your career prospects. While tech roles such as software engineering, product design, deep learning architecture, and data science are the most obvious beneficiaries of AI expertise, it's becoming increasingly relevant in non-technical fields as well. For instance, tax managers who can leverage AI to improve efficiency are in high demand, with very few qualified candidates available. This demand is reflected in the lucrative salaries that such roles command.

There's a wealth of opportunities for non-technical workers to enhance their employability by learning AI skills and figuring out how these could apply to their work. AI technology promises to revolutionize numerous sectors including customer service, writing, HR, education, and healthcare. By developing AI expertise, workers in these fields can stay ahead of the curve, leveraging these skills to boost efficiency, improve problem-solving capabilities, and ultimately advance their careers.

Three-Step Approach to Acquiring AI Skills

Building AI skills doesn't have to be an insurmountable task. Start by getting to know popular AI tools, such as OpenAI, and practice using these tools to gain a basic understanding of how they work. Online resources, including YouTube videos, articles, and e-learning platforms like Coursera, can provide valuable insights on how to apply AI in your specific field. Finally, start putting this knowledge to use in your day-to-day tasks. By integrating AI into your work, you'll not only enhance your own productivity but also demonstrate to future employers your initiative and adaptability.

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