DeSantis Advocates for Nimble AI Regulations, Citing Concerns Over China and Limited Competition

JJohn August 18, 2023 9:17 PM

Florida's Governor, Ron DeSantis warns about the impact of fixed artificial intelligence regulations that may benefit China, protect certain companies from competition, and further entrench biased data models. He emphasizes the need for nimbleness in AI policy.

DeSantis' take on AI regulations

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida brought to the forefront the increasing concerns about the direction of artificial intelligence. DeSantis warned that rigid regulations could unintentionally shield a select number of corporations from competition, promote the use of prejudiced data models, and inadvertently give China a leg up in the field of AI. He expressed these views during a conference hosted by conservative radio host Erick Erickson.

AI, big data, and 'woke data sets'

While acknowledging the tremendous potential of AI technology to tackle previously unanswerable questions through the use of massive data sets, DeSantis also made a pointed critique of the top AI companies. He expressed concern that these companies leverage 'woke data sets' for driving their AI solutions, which could lead to potential biases in the generated output.

Vision for a nimble AI policy

DeSantis offered insights into his approach to crafting an AI policy. He acknowledges the fast-paced nature of the technology and the corresponding need for a 'nimble' policy that can adapt to this rapidly evolving landscape. However, he asserted a clear guiding principle for his AI policy vision - humans should not be rendered obsolete or overtaken by AI or automated systems.

The issue of AI regulation is already under serious consideration both in the United States and Europe. The Biden Administration is currently drafting new regulations to oversee AI, and some U.S. corporations have already voluntarily implemented restrictions in coordination with the White House. Despite this, there's a bipartisan consensus acknowledging the likely need for further legislation to mitigate the risks posed by this emerging technology.

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