Google's DeepMind: Constructing AI Tools for Life Advice

NNicholas August 16, 2023 4:32 PM

Google's artificial intelligence unit, DeepMind, is reportedly developing at least 21 different AI tools aimed at offering life advice, planning, and tutoring. However, there are concerns about the implications of users taking life advice from AI tools.

DeepMind: Developing life advice tools

Google's DeepMind, a leading AI unit within the tech giant, is reportedly working on an intriguing project. They're rolling out at least 21 different AI tools that will offer life advice, assist with planning, and provide tutoring services. The ambitious project is meant to set a 'nimble, fast-paced' standard for the company's AI efforts, making it a key part of their overall strategy.

Concerns over AI's life advice implications

While this development is undoubtedly exciting, it has been met with some significant concerns. Google's own AI safety experts have cautioned about possible negative outcomes from using such tools. In a presentation to executives, they warned that relying on AI for life advice could lead to 'diminished health and well-being' and a 'loss of agency'. These concerns underline the need for careful consideration and rigorous testing before full deployment.

To ensure the efficacy and safety of these innovative tools, Google has reportedly contracted with Scale AI. This startup, valued at $7.3 billion, specializes in training and validating AI software. Over a hundred PhDs are involved in this massive project, reflecting the scale and importance Google is attaching to it. Testing also includes checking if these tools can offer relationship advice or help with intimate questions.

No therapeutic intent for DeepMind tools

It's important to note that the tools being developed by DeepMind are not intended for therapeutic use. This distinction comes amid ongoing controversy over the use of AI in a medical or therapeutic context. For instance, the National Eating Disorder Association recently had to suspend its chatbot, Tessa, after it gave harmful advice. While the medical community is divided over the short-term benefits of AI, there is consensus that careful thought is needed when introducing AI tools in a therapeutic context.

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