Google's Pixel 8: A New Era of AI-Powered Functionality

NNicholas September 30, 2023 4:01 PM

The upcoming Pixel 8 could be Google's ticket to fully integrate artificial intelligence in our daily tasks, shifting from being a simple repeating machine to an assistant that can manage emails, create reminders, and even suggest activities based on context.

Email management by AI

Every workday starts with the mundane task of sifting through a ton of emails, many of which are unnecessary, cluttering our inbox. Wouldn't it be a game-changer if AI could take over this chore, leaving us to focus on the tasks that truly matter? Presently, Google's AI assistant does little more than guiding users to their inbox. However, Google's Pixel 8 could potentially bring in an AI system that filters and deletes the unimportant emails, allowing the crucial ones to reach us.

Generative AI: Google's new playground

Google is diving deep into the realm of generative AI, playing around with tools designed to assist in composing emails, writing job descriptions, and even creating business templates. While some of these tools have proven to be helpful, others provide obvious answers. A more refined, context-aware AI could potentially generate more nuanced and personalized responses, turning these tools from hit-or-miss experiments into everyday utilities.

Google introduced Bard, an AI chatbot, earlier this year, and it's been steadily improving since. The chatbot now has access to Gmail and Google Docs, enabling it to answer more specific and contextual questions. As Google continues to refine their AI technology, Bard could become an invaluable personal assistant, handling various tasks and providing answers drawn from our personal data.

Pixel 8: An amalgamation of AI ideas

Google's upcoming Pixel 8 offers an exciting opportunity for the tech giant to bring together their various AI ideas under one roof. The device could serve as a platform to demonstrate the practical uses of AI in our daily lives, from managing emails to creating reminders and even making context-based suggestions. If AI is the future of technology, then the Pixel 8 might just be the device that paves the way.

While the promise of AI is tantalizing, there are significant barriers to its practical implementation, such as the need for substantial processing power. Currently, Google and other tech companies tend to offload resource-intensive tasks to the cloud. However, Google's custom Tensor chips, set to debut in the Pixel 8, are aimed at carrying out more of this processing locally. Despite facing challenges like overheating issues, the new Tensor chips could be a step towards realizing the full potential of on-device AI.

Generative AI: Still cooking

Google has displayed a measured approach towards implementing generative AI, with many features still in the development phase. Earlier this year, reports suggested that Google was restructuring the Assistant team to make the product more 'Bard-like'. As these changes take shape, we can anticipate a future where AI is intricately woven into our daily lives, handling tasks with efficiency and precision.

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