Google's Pixel 8 Pro: A Closer Look at the AI-Powered, Longevity Champion Smartphone

NNicholas October 17, 2023 9:02 AM

Google's Pixel 8 Pro is back in the market to outshine its rivals with top-notch features, seven years of full software support, and an artificial intelligence-packed camera. However, its elevated price tag compared to its predecessor has sparked debates among consumers.

Design and display features

Google has released the Pixel 8 Pro, priced at £999, which is a noticeable jump from its previous version, the 7 Pro. The phone features an elegant combination of aluminum and glass in its design. The 6.7inch OLED screen, unlike the curved edges of its predecessors, is now flat and offers a smooth scrolling experience, even under bright sunshine. The design also includes a distinct camera bar that prevents the phone from rocking when kept on flat surfaces.

Among the significant upgrades in the Pixel 8 Pro is the 2D face-unlock system, which is now capable of authenticating payments, in addition to unlocking the phone. The chip powering the device is Google's new Tensor G3, which might lag slightly behind top competitors on paper but performs excellently in actual use. The battery life of the Pixel 8 Pro slightly outperforms the 7 Pro, but nightly charging is recommended for heavy users. The device features Android 14 and offers an impressive seven years of software updates.

Google has beefed up the Pixel 8 Pro with generative AI features in various sections of the phone and promises to add more in the future. This includes the much-anticipated addition of its Bard AI to Assistant. Some of the unique AI features are a wallpaper generator, a summarizer for websites and articles, and enhanced speech recognition that handles natural speech rhythms better.

AI enhancements in Google Photos

Google has integrated more of its generative AI technology into Google Photos, making photo editing more immersive and fun. With the Magic Editor, you can select and move objects, change the sky, and adjust the lighting in your photos. The Best Take feature is designed to produce a group shot where everyone is looking their best by combining faces from multiple images. Additionally, the new Audio Magic Eraser feature can analyze your videos and break down sounds into different channels, allowing you to reduce their volume independently.

Camera upgrades and features

Google has made significant upgrades to the camera in the Pixel 8 Pro. The underlying hardware now includes bigger, brighter sensors that enhance low-light shots and minimize blur in high-motion scenes. The ultrawide camera has seen the most improvement, but the main and 5x optical zoom telephoto cameras also deliver excellent shots. For the first time, the 8 Pro offers full manual controls, allowing users to shoot full 50MP images in RAW format and adjust shutter speed, ISO, and focus, which will delight photography enthusiasts.

Sustainability and software support

The Pixel 8 Pro champions sustainability, with at least 18% of its components made from recycled materials, including aluminium, plastic, and tin. Google has also taken responsibility for recycling old devices at no cost to the consumer. One of the key selling points of the phone is the full seven years of software support, which not only boosts its resale value but also extends its useful life. This move aligns Google with Apple's iPhone in terms of software support and outperforms other Android makers, with only the Fairphone 5 offering longer support.

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