Google's Virtual Assistant, Duet AI, Unveiled across Google Workspace Apps

NNicholas August 29, 2023 2:53 PM

Google has launched its Duet AI assistant across its entire Workspace suite, including Gmail, Drive, Slides, and Docs. The AI technology, which offers a blend of assistance and creativity, has been in testing and is now accessible to Google Workspace subscribers for $30 per month.

Duet AI extends across all Google Workspace apps

Google Workspace users now have a new assistant at their service, namely, the Duet AI. It's not just limited to a few apps; the Duet AI is sweeping across the entire range of Google's Workspace apps like Gmail, Drive, Slides, Docs, and more. After a successful testing phase where it was tried and tested by over a million users, it's now ready to assist every user subscribing to Google's Workspace applications.

Duet AI was first introduced at Google's I/O developer conference earlier this year. The AI was pitched as a collaborator that could come in handy across all Google applications. Be it turning a Google Docs outline into a deck in Slides or creating a chart from spreadsheet data, Duet can take on various tasks. Additionally, it can also carry out creative tasks like writing an email response, generating images, or checking your grammar. Duet AI is your virtual assistant, all set to redefine your Google app experience.

However, you'll need to shell out some cash to get the AI's assistance. Google has set the price for Duet AI access at $30 per user, particularly targeting large organizations. Interestingly, this pricing is on par with that of Microsoft's AI system, Copilot, which also boasts similar features that work across most Office apps. Going by the prices, it seems AI assistance doesn't come cheap.

Challenges with AI Tools: Imperfect Models and High Stakes

While the prospect of AI assistance sounds tempting, there's a considerable challenge that lies ahead. The underlying AI models that drive these technological tools are far from perfect, and when it comes to dealing with critical business data, the risks are high. For instance, if Duet misinterprets or invents your company's sales numbers, it could lead to severe complications. So, while Duet aims to remain grounded in your data and files, it's always prudent for users relying on Google's AI to double-check the output.

Google's Duet AI: A Direct Challenge to Microsoft

With the introduction of Duet, Google is stepping up its game and directly challenging Microsoft. These comprehensive, do-everything tools are becoming the core element of both companies' office suites. Both Google and Microsoft believe that AI holds the potential to revolutionize the way we work. If Duet and Copilot live up to their promise, we might be witnessing a significant shift in the work environment.

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