How AI like ChatGPT Threatens Various Job Roles: An In-depth Analysis

NNicholas September 22, 2023 5:53 PM

A recent study by Indeed reveals that several popular jobs possess skills that can be replicated by Generative AI like ChatGPT. The study, involving an analysis of 55 million job postings, discovered that certain roles ranging from delivery drivers to administrative assistants are more exposed to AI's growing influence. However, certain human-specific skills such as driving and hospitality remain difficult for AI to replicate, leaving room for human indispensability in the job market.

Massive dataset analysis reveals AI impact

The research team at Indeed took upon the colossal task of analyzing over 55 million job postings. These postings, which were published between August 2022 and July 2023, were examined to identify more than 2,600 skills sought by employers. The team then assessed GPT-4 (the advanced version of ChatGPT) to see how well it could replicate these skills. The study concluded that every job on Indeed's platform, to some degree, was exposed to generative AI.

The research found that approximately 20% of jobs were highly exposed to generative AI, meaning that ChatGPT could perform at least 80% of the skills listed in the job posting. These roles, especially those that are highly exposed, could put workers at risk since some jobs may 'definitely go away' with the expansion of generative AI, as stated by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman.

Human skills remain irreplaceable

Despite the AI's impressive ability to perform certain skills, there are other skills that it cannot emulate as effectively. Skills like driving a car and hospitality, which involve a level of human touch and instinct, remain exclusive to human workers. This indicates that while AI can seemingly take over many aspects of work, there will always be certain roles and tasks requiring the irreplaceable human element.

Job-specific AI exposure

The study found that jobs like delivery drivers, cashiers, medical assistants, and particularly administrative assistants are at high risk of being exposed to generative AI. For instance, ChatGPT is capable of performing about 90% of the skills associated with an administrative assistant role. Despite this, certain skills still require human proficiency, reminding us that human workers are not completely replaceable.

Interestingly, the research also revealed that the jobs with the most postings tend to be the least exposed to AI. It's important to remember there were some limitations to the study that affected how the researchers interpreted their findings for all the roles analyzed. For instance, some theoretical AI skills don't translate well when it comes to actually doing a job, indicating a gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

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