How Rapid AI Advancements Could Transform Our Society

NNicholas August 14, 2023 11:17 AM

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is predicted to majorly disrupt various sectors of the economy, including jobs, coding, healthcare, and agriculture in as little as three years. Such rapid advancements might be exciting, but they also raise concerns about societal changes and potential civil unrest.

AI set to disrupt the economy

Experts predict that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will cause major disruptions in the entire economy within a short time span of three years. The implications of this are vast and varied, from altering job landscapes to changing how we interact with technology on a day-to-day basis. While the prospect of such rapid innovation is exciting, it also raises questions about societal stability and the potential for civil unrest.

AI to overtake coding jobs

Remember the days when 'learning to code' was the buzzword for job security? Those days might soon be a memory with AI poised to take over computer programming jobs. Emad Mostaque, founder of a headline-making AI company, predicts that such jobs will cease to exist in five years. Not just coding, AI is even expected to take on creative writing, image and movie production, effectively transforming various creative industries.

Healthcare is one sector where AI has already started making a difference. Some rural doctors are using an AI tool that transcribes verbal consultations into exceptionally accurate reports. With the patient's consent, this tool can create a 300-word report for the patient's medical file, saving the physician the time and effort of recalling and documenting the consultation. The integration of AI in healthcare points to a future where technology and human caregivers work hand-in-hand to improve patient care.

The agricultural sector is not immune to the transformative power of AI. Today, farmers can ask an online AI agronomist for advice, receiving reliable and insightful answers within seconds. As AI continues to evolve, it could potentially replace human agronomists, feed nutritionists, and even veterinarians, changing the face of farm management completely. While this might raise concerns about job security, it also points to a future where farming becomes more efficient and data-driven.

Workers' perspective on AI and jobs

It's not just experts predicting the impact of AI on jobs - workers themselves are aware of the impending changes. A new Ipsos survey of adults from 31 countries reports that one in three workers expects AI to eliminate their job. Majorities in all surveyed countries believe that AI will profoundly change their daily life. As we stand on the cusp of these major changes, it's essential that we prepare for the societal implications of rapid AI advancements.

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