Meta Prohibits Political Advertisers from Using Its AI Ad Tools

JJohn November 7, 2023 12:17 PM

Meta, the owner of Facebook and Instagram, has updated its regulations to disallow political campaigns from using its AI ad creation tools. This move is aimed at understanding and mitigating potential risks associated with the use of AI in sensitive and regulated industries.

Meta blocks AI ad tools for politics

In a recent development, Meta announced that it won't allow political advertisers to utilize its generative AI ad campaign creation tools. This update was disclosed in Meta's help center. The company's decision comes as it begins testing new generative AI ad creation tools in its Ads Manager. However, these tools are currently off-limit for campaigns related to Housing, Employment, Credit, Social Issues, Elections, Politics, Health, Pharmaceuticals, or Financial Services.

Meta's general AI ad standards

While Meta has taken a strong stance against political advertisers using AI ad creation tools, its general advertising standards don't mention AI explicitly. Instead, the company prohibits ads containing content that has been debunked by its fact-checking partners. This indicates Meta's continued commitment to ensuring the authenticity of the content that is being advertised on its platforms.

Meta's decision follows a similar move by Google in September. Google updated its political content policy, mandating that all verified election advertisers disclose any use of AI in their campaign content. Google's policies specifically target 'synthetic content,' requiring clear and conspicuous notices in places where users will observe them. Nonetheless, ads with synthetic content that doesn't significantly affect the claims made in the ad are exempt from these disclosure requirements.

Regulations for political AI deep fakes

The moves by Meta and Google reflect a broader trend of increasing scrutiny around the use of AI in political advertising. Regulators in the United States are deliberating the creation of regulations to govern political AI deep fakes. This initiative is geared towards preparing for the upcoming 2024 election cycle, where the misuse of AI technology in creating fake news and influencing public sentiment is a significant concern.

The discussion around AI's role in politics is not limited to ad campaigns. One of the most popular AI chatbots, ChatGPT, has been accused of harboring a left-leaning political bias. However, these claims are not universally accepted and have been widely disputed within the AI community and academia. This incident further underscores the importance of transparency and neutrality in AI technology, especially when it intersects with sensitive areas like politics.

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