Meta Unveils AI Music Creation Tools, Challenging Google's MusicLM

JJohn August 4, 2023 12:13 PM

Meta has introduced a suite of generative artificial intelligence tools, rivaling Google's MusicLM, that transforms text into music. The AudioCraft suite includes MusicGen, AudioGen, and EnCodec, aimed at both amateur and professional music creators.

Meta's AI tools rival Google's MusicLM

In a bid to revolutionize the music industry, Meta has rolled out a new suite of AI tools that turn text into music. This innovative array of tools is giving Google's MusicLM a run for its money as it facilitates the creation of unique musical and audio compositions.

Inside Meta's AI music creation suite

Meta's suite includes MusicGen and AudioGen, groundbreaking AI models that create new audio from text inputs. Additionally, EnCodec is another innovative tool in the suite, enhancing the music generation process by producing higher quality output with fewer artifacts, bringing a new level to the music creation.

To facilitate further research and development, Meta has released MusicGen and AudioGen in various sizes to the research community and developers. As they continue to refine and advance the controls, they foresee these AI models becoming indispensable tools for both budding and seasoned musicians in the industry.

Google's MusicLM and Meta's AI tools release

Meta's unveiling of its AI music tools comes on the heels of Google's introduction of its own text-to-music tools, known as MusicLM. This confluence of releases signals a rising trend in the use of AI technology to revolutionize the music creation process.

In addition to its music creation tools, Meta has recently launched AI chatbots with personalities. These chatbots, which users can interact with on Meta's platforms, function as search helpers and offer an enjoyable and engaging user experience.

Controversy over AI training with copyrighted work

However, the advent of these AI tools doesn't come without controversies. There are ongoing debates and lawsuits, including one against Meta, concerning the use of copyrighted work to train AI in various artistic domains, further complicating the landscape of AI music creation.

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