Snapchat Dives Deeper into Generative AI with New Feature 'Dreams'

NNicholas August 21, 2023 9:38 PM

Snapchat is planning to advance its reach into generative AI with a new feature named 'Dreams'. This innovative feature will enable Snapchat users to generate AI-based images of themselves in imaginative backgrounds, opening up a new realm of creativity in the social media sphere.

Snapchat to launch generative AI feature 'Dreams'

Having made notable strides in the realm of AI with the launch of its AI-powered chatbot 'My AI', Snapchat now sets its sights on the next frontier - generative AI. The company is geared up to introduce a new feature named 'Dreams', which is expected to revolutionize the way users interact with the platform. The 'Dreams' feature will allow Snapchat users to generate AI-based images of themselves, potentially placing them in fantastical places or scenarios of their imagination.

AI-generated images in imagined scenarios

The 'Dreams' feature promises to bring forth a new dimension of user engagement. It allows users to upload or take selfies, which the AI then utilizes to generate images of the user in imagined scenarios. This innovative feature brings Snapchat in line with other AI-based photo apps currently available in the market, enriching the user experience with an added layer of personalization and creativity.

'Dreams with Friends': sharing AI dreams together

Taking the concept of AI-generated images a step further, Snapchat is also developing 'Dreams with Friends'. This exciting feature allows users to not only generate dreamlike images of themselves but also include their friends in these AI-created imaginations. User permission is a key aspect of this feature, ensuring a fun yet respectful user experience on the platform.

Adding a potential economic dimension to the new feature, Snapchat app users might soon have the option to purchase 'Dream Packs'. While specifics about what these packs may include are unknown at this stage, the mere mention hints at a monetization angle. This suggests that Snapchat may be considering ways to not only enhance user engagement but also create additional revenue streams through its innovative 'Dreams' feature.

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